Our products include Cleansers, Toners, Lotions, Scrubs, Masks, BB/CC Creams, Day Creams, Night Creams, Exfoliants, Treatment Creams, etc., and a wide range of products used by professionals in spas and beauty salons.

You can either choose products from our existing product formulae (no development fee applicable) or furnish a product brief for us to carry out product development. Development fees will depend on product complexity. However, in such cases, we will work out a most competitive fee package for your consideration.

You can choose for supplies in bulk or we can include filling, labeling and packaging services. Our graphics designer can also help you with your packaging design and logo design.

We also have the expertise to produce Body-care and Hair-care products, Perfumes and Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, as well as decorative colour cosmetics.

In some cases, we have co-invested in a new Brand or Start-up together with the client, leading to a deeper sharing of proprietary knowledge and intellectual property. These co-investments can be done via a separate investment vehicle based in London.

Drop Shipping

We support Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Contact us here.