Our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

The Asean cosmetic GMP is a set of guidelines published in accordance with the Asean Cosmetic Directive to facilitate the development of a quality management system by manufacturers producing cosmetic products that are intended for the Asean market.

In the manufacturing of cosmetic products, overall control and monitoring is essential to ensure that the consumer receives products of specified quality. The quality of a product depends on the starting materials, production and quality control processes, building, equipment and personnel involved.

Quality control is an essential part of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It provides assurance that cosmetic products will be of consistent quality appropriate to their intended use.

As a GMP certified factory, Aroma Cosmetics has a quality system developed, established and implemented as a means by which stated policies and objectives will be achieved. It defines the organisational structure, functions, responsibilities, procedures, instructions, processes and resources for implementing the quality management.

Our GMP certified factory is suitably located, designed, constructed and maintained. Regular audits are conducted by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau of the Ministry of Health.