A Business Model that Benefits our Clients Worldwide

For more than 20 years, Aroma Cosmetics have been helping product Distributors, Agents, Retailers & Beauty Professionals in creating their own Brand of cosmetic products. Our clients owns the intellectual property (IP) like the design Trade-mark and Logo registration.

We supply the products to our clients, while they hold on to valuable long-term assets including IP. In the context of our business model, You, the clients are investing in your future.

The Advertising and Promotion dollars that goes into your own Brand benefits you directly, not some other business entity who is the brand-owner. Even supermarkets and chain-stores promote their own "house-brands" — with products made by other manufacturers like us.

Why your own Brand?

Frankly, quite a number of our clients got tired of selling products that carried brand-names belonging to others. They worked hard to build up the market and brand-image, as well as to meet their sales quota. When business is good, the brand-owner can easily raise prices, or impose a higher quota. Some brand-owners move into the agent's market and simply took over, benefitting from the years of groundwork done by the agent.

If you own the Brand, you have complete control.

If you are not a cosmetics manufacturer and do not have your own brand, you can use the services of a "private label" manufacturer of cosmetics. In fact, many of our clients are beauty professionals who are expanding their businesses into supplying beauty products under their brands. These beauty professionals are very knowledgeable about beauty products, but they do not need to have a manufacturing facility to create a brand.

Drop Shipping

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